What is SERF?

Established in 1991, the Sudbury Education Resource Fund, Inc. (SERF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching, enhancing and supporting public education in Sudbury by providing educational grants to our schools. SERF grants promote innovation and enrichment in classrooms in grades K-12. SERF funds leading-edge projects in all areas of the curriculum, including math, science and engineering, literacy and English language arts, social studies and history, global languages, performing and visual arts, emerging technologies, social development and wellness, professional development for teachers, and more.

SERF grants are initiated by teachers, administrators and specialists who seek to make enhancements to students’ learning experiences. Grant applications then undergo an in-depth review by Board members and only those meeting our established criteria for innovation and enrichment are funded. Read more about applying for a SERF grant or see the latest grants we have awarded.

Why is SERF so essential to Sudbury schools?

At a time when public funds are scarce and resources are increasingly limited, SERF”s grants for innovation in the classrooms provide an important outlet for teachers, parents and students to learn, experiment, and improve. Read some testimonials from our award recipients.

A partnership between SERF and the school community is necessary to maintain the high standards we know and expect in Sudbury. In these economic times, SERF’s contribution to our schools is more essential than ever. A donation to SERF is an investment in the superior quality of the education each child will receive in the Sudbury Public Schools (K-12).

Every family can make a difference!  Contributions to SERF will benefit your children’s education at every level, K-12!

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