9688820Most parents are familiar with the role our active PTOs and POs play in each school. The Sudbury Education Resource Fund (SERF) was established in 1991 as Sudbury’s local education fund, a non-profit, independent organization with the goal of providing grant funding for our schools during difficult economic times. A majority of high performing school districts in the area have similar organizations to provide financial support to the schools when budgets are cut. SERF’s role in Sudbury over the past 20 years has been to fund numerous pilots of innovative technologies, curriculum enhancements, professional development opportunities for teachers, and many other enrichment experiences for Sudbury students in K-12.

SERF strives to meet the needs of the entire SPS and LSRHS school community, rather than an individual school. Often, grants at the elementary level are collaborations among teachers across the district to impact an entire grade-level district-wide. SERF funds impact students in their classrooms through materials and curriculum innovations, while most PTO funds are targeted at school-wide initiatives. To support innovation, SERF has funded a number of technology and curriculum initial pilots (including ActivBoard technology) which, when proven successful, have been further implemented through budget or PTO funds.

Sudbury needs both PTO’s working in schools and SERF working in the community, with parents who actively support both organizations.