SERF grant applications are evaluated by a Grant Panel made of a subset of SERF’s Board of Directors. The Grant Panel evaluates applications on their educational merit, consistent with SERF’s grant criteria, mission and funding resources. The Grant Panel makes funding recommendations to the full Board of Directors, whose members then vote on whether to approve the grant. SERF may choose to fully fund, partially fund, or not fund, a grant at its sole discretion. Applicants are then notified of the Board’s decision.

Grant applications will be evaluated for approval based on the following criteria:

  • Academic enrichment for students
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Demonstrated collaboration among teachers, departments and schools
  • Probability of project continuity by school system or other means
  • Number of students and/or teachers benefiting
  • Consistency with school system’s curriculum goals
  • Clearly defined goals, activities and outcomes
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Support of colleagues within grade-level or subject discipline
  • Evaluation mechanism that can accurately assess project results
  • Timely completion of final reports for previous grants

Please be sure to see SERF’s Granting Guidelines and Deadlines before applying.

For any questions, please contact our Grant Administrator.