Appreciation of Champions in Education (ACE) Awards


Sudbury educators are working harder than ever to reach and teach our children. They continue to find new and innovative ways to teach students. And families are looking for ways to express their gratitude. A SERF Appreciation of Champions in Education (ACE) Award is the perfect way families can say “Thank You” to a teacher, coach, counselor, administrator, specialist, or staff person.


What’s an ACE Award?

An ACE Award allows families to recognize and celebrate — in a meaningful way — an educator who has gone above and beyond for their child. For educators, it is an expression of appreciation from families that says “Thank You for all you do for my child!”  Teachers who receive an ACE Award receive a special ACE Award Certificate that includes words of gratitude, support and encouragement from the family. Educators who receive an ACE Award are also listed on the SERF website.


What does receiving a SERF ACE Award mean to teachers?


How does my donation for a SERF ACE Award help Sudbury public schools?

Each ACE Award donation has a double impact: you are paying tribute to your child’s teacher(s) while simultaneously supporting innovative and enriching educational programs. SERF grants are designed and initiated by Sudbury K-12 educators and fund leading-edge projects in all areas of the curriculum, including math, science and engineering, literacy and English language arts, social studies and history, global languages, performing and visual arts, emerging technologies, social development and wellness, professional development for teachers, and more. So far this school year, over $80,000 has been awarded in grants for important learning tools and experiences benefiting every student in Sudbury’s schools. Check out the Grants Awarded page to learn more about past and current grants for all K-12 students!


Give an ACE Award


Donations for ACE Awards are tax deductible.

ACE Awards are typically given three times a school year: the winter holiday season, Teacher Appreciation Week in the spring, and at the end of the school year in June. ACE Awards purchased outside of these three times will be given to the teacher during the next cycle. Thank you for your support of SERF!

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