Are you looking for a meaningful way to appreciate and honor one of Sudbury’s educators?

  • Maybe you are grateful for the way an educator connected with your child early in the year.
  • Maybe you are moved by the way a teacher handled a difficult situation.
  • Maybe a specialist’s creativity sparked inspiration for someone in your family.
  • Maybe an educator poured his/her time and self into a project that positively impacted the direction of a child in your life.
  • Maybe your child’s class is looking for a unique way to say thank you during the holidays, Teacher Appreciation week, or at the end of the year.

ACE Awards (Appreciation of Champions in Education Awards) give you a way to tell a special educator that you appreciate him/her, and it also gives you a way to encourage Sudbury teachers to unleash their ingenuity and drive.

When you give an ACE Award, your star educator will receive a certificate of honor and will be publicly acknowledged at school as well as on SERF’s website. Your donation will support all Sudbury educators (K-12) seeking funds for innovative and enriching projects.

Donations for ACE Awards are tax deductible and accepted all year. Certificates are awarded in December, May and June.

Order your tax-deductible ACE Awards online:

Give an ACE Award


Check the Grants Awarded page to learn more about past and current grants for all K-12 students!