Test Driving Schools

By Dana Roth,

Dana Roth Educational Consulting



For most of us, our hopes of diving into college visits and trying schools on for size has been altered significantly.  With the upcoming SERF College Fair, we have an opportunity to ramp up our efforts and try different schools on for size, without leaving the comfort of our couches.  Here are 3 strategies to make the most of the fair:


1) Identify your must-haves.  Are you looking for a small, medium, or large school?  In the city or the country?  Does the college need to have undergraduate research opportunities, unparalleled school spirit, or strong disability services?  Use your must-haves to think about your dream school.  Let these interests guide your research and creation of a college list, in partnership with your guidance counselor or independent educational consultant.


2) Check out the colleges attending the fair and compare them to schools on your list.  Where are there overlaps?  Perhaps the attending schools aren’t ones you’ve considered, but they have things in common with others on your list, such as their location, academic offerings, or sports division.  Make a note of these similarities, highlight these schools, and create your college fair schedule.


3) Prior to the fair, spend some time reviewing websites to learn more about the schools’ offerings.  Think about your priorities for college.  Jot down at least one question per school you plan to “visit” during the fair.  This will allow you to make the most of everyone’s time at each booth, a win-win for all!


Most importantly, remind yourself that the SERF college fair, and all college visits, are a way to take schools for a test drive and see how each school can fit you, your passions, and your needs.  Making time to prepare for these visits will allow you to alleviate any stress and go in feeling equipped to make the most of your visit! 

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