Using Online Resources to Create Your Dream College List

By The Princeton Review



The college admissions process has always been stressful, with many moving pieces for students to balance. When you incorporate a global pandemic into the mix, it only makes it that much more difficult.


Now more than ever, the transition into a fully online world has opened the doors to many more resources for this process. Keep reading to learn more about the online resources you can use to help you build and narrow down your college list.


1) Find your dream schools by using a college search engine, like the one here. This provides you with options to filter by location, major, tuition, enrollment size, whether or not the school accepts the SAT or ACT and what their average score is, and more. This can help you find schools that are the best fit for you.


2) Check your school’s website for information about virtual campus tours. While these are not an exact replacement of a campus visit, they can still give you a good idea of what campus is like in a time where traveling is limited.


3) Once you’ve found out as much as you can from the school’s official website, check out YouTube and social media for videos and posts that students have made about their experience in certain programs or residences.


4) Finally, don’t be afraid to get college admissions counseling. A counselor can help you build a list of schools that’s tailored specifically towards your strengths and interest.


All of these online resources can help you as you build and narrow down your college list. Eventually, they can also help you make your final decision on what school to attend. The more information you have, the easier this decision will be.

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