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SERF College Fair 2020 -- Thank You!

SERF wants to say a huge "thank you!" to our seminar speakers, sponsors, and listeners for joining us virtually for the 2020 College Fair.

We are grateful to the many educational institutions, gap year programs, sponsors, seminar speakers, and volunteers who came together to support and champion the College Fair. They have brought tremendous value and draw to this popular community event for 11 years - and this year was no exception.

For more details about the event, including access to the recorded seminar sessions - please checkout the College Fair page
Student Grant Initiative - Winners announced!

SERF announced Student Grant Award winners at each school the week of December 9th. Thanks to EVERY student who submitted a project idea, and thanks to the mentors who supported their grant writing. Over 100 unique projects were submitted to SERF for consideration! Learn more

Hominid Skull Comparison: An Investigation of Hominid Evolution
Co-Applicants: Edmund Good, Michael Clements, Edward Eich and Brent McDonald, 6th Grade Science Teachers – ECMS

This grant funded the purchase of a full set of reproduction Hominid skulls to be used by students to investigate and evaluate possible evolutionary relationships between modern humans, apes and some extinct hominid forms. In a lab setting, students will use and read measuring instruments, identify cranial and dental features of various skulls and ultimately construct and justify a phylogenetic tree. Learn more