SERF is dedicated to enriching enhancing and supporting
public education in Sudbury by providing educational grants to our schools.

Inspiring Education .... One Grant At A Time!

Student Grant Initiative

SERF will be announcing Student Grant Award winners at each school the week of December 9th. Thanks to EVERY student who submitted a project idea, and thanks to the mentors who supported their grant writing. Over 100 unique projects were submitted to SERF for consideration! Learn more

The 2020 SERF College Fair will be held on Saturday, March 21 at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. Over 100 colleges, universities, and GAP year programs are expected to attend the fair. In addition, SERF offers seminars throughout the day on topics such as financial aid, admissions testing, the application process and more. This event is free for students/parents and sign ups are not required.

Please go to our College Fair page for more information on this fantastic event including:
-Which colleges and universities have attended?
-Information on seminars.
-Signing up to attend as a college representative.
-Becoming a College Fair sponsor!
Loring Rocks
Briana Danielson - Art Teacher, Loring;
Susan Skelly, Krista Riley & Sarah Liberman - PTO Volunteers, Loring

Loring Rocks is modeled after the national initiative, The Kindness Rocks Project, and showcases Loring’s core values of respect, responsibility, best effort and caring. This grant funded the purchase of supplies used by all students to paint rocks with designs and messages of kindness and inclusiveness. Many (approx. 500) rocks will remain in the Loring Rocks garden while others may be placed throughout Sudbury. Watch the video to learn more