The wonderful thing about this grant is that it has allowed us to explore a piece of software and the teaching strategies it allows, that we would not have been able to do otherwise. We, the math department, cannot tell you how much we appreciate your having funded this particular project. The spirit of SERF and the opportunities it creates are important [to making] LSRHS such a wonderful place to work.

Erica Wilson and Hanka Ray, Math Department, LSHRS

HOLY SMOKES!!!!! WOW, WOW, WOW! Thank you all so very much. I cannot wait to share him (poet, Taylor Mali) with our community!

LSRHS English Department

After FiddleFest, many students rushed home and began testing their new skills with renewed enthusiasm. Students moved ahead by leaps and bounds because of their interest in exploring this new style of music. They couldn’t get enough of it! Thank you, SERF, for being a part of this wonderful discovery of music! It is such a joy when students tell me, with that tell-tale sparkle in their eye, of the tune that they learned all by themselves. To watch students discover the wonder of music and become enthusiastic, independent learners of music–this is undoubtedly the best part of teaching!”

Nathanael Erde, Orchestra Director, SPS

We are forever grateful to you all for believing in our mural project and us. Your donation helped us leave a lasting mark on LS and the communities surrounding it.”

Keturah Edwards, LSRHS Class 2007

I was exhilarated when I received word from SERF that they would provide the funding for the cost of the guitars for this course as it meant that not only would these students have this experience but they could now do so with quality instruments, [and to] get a greater diversity of students involved in making music at the high school. I thoroughly enjoy seeing how the students react when they open the guitar case for the first time and see the Epiphone acoustic-electric guitars that we were able to purchase due to SERF’s funding.

Tom Grandprey, Instrumental Music Director

SERF has been very generous with grants for Mathematics. SERF has enabled us to move forward with many of our system-wide goals more rapidly than we would have been able to otherwise. Providing consistent and appropriate challenge and enrichment for our more capable math students is a complex endeavor that the district could not have made the progress it made without the support of SERF.

Joy Cooke, Math Curriculum Specialist

The equipment SERF purchased is going to make a tremendous difference for every 8th grade student taking the Robotics/Engineering course. SERF has made a world of difference over the years for this program as well as throughout the district.

David Jurewicz, Technology/Engineering program Curtis Middle School

It was cool to work with other kids that think the way I do about math. You got to be challenged more than in the regular classroom. It was a fun learning experience and you got to be challenged with your friends.Math club helps you get out of math what you really want to get out of math.We got to work independently, in small groups and as a whole group to solve fun, challenging problems.

Student members of 5th grade math club

Our district’s goal is to differentiate learning experiences in the classroom. We created a central math library (that) addresses all learning styles and abilities. The games are consistently asked for by students, not only during math time, but during indoor recess and choice times. We have had many positive responses from staff.

Julie Whitehead, 3rd grade teacher and Jeanmarie Skahan, 4th grade teacher

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you at SERF for helping us in our efforts to develop a comprehensive school climate and connectedness initiative. We truly appreciate your belief in our work and all the support SERF has always given educators at LS.

Karen Thomsen, LSRHS

Thanks so much to you and SERF for the LCD grant for the English Department. It will really help us get to where we want to be updating the technology in the department. Thanks again. We are thrilled.

Dan Conti, LSRHS English Department Coordinator

That is absolutely wonderful news! I will be sure to share the great news with my colleagues. We so appreciate everything the SERF organization does to enrich the educational experiences of our students. Thank you!

Christine Grigsby, Leveled Reading Texts, Grade 5, Loring