How do SERF grants work?

SERF grants promote innovation and enrichment in classrooms in grades K-12. We fund leading-edge projects in all areas of the curriculum including math, science and engineering, literacy and English language arts, social studies and history, global languages, performing and visual arts, emerging technologies, social development and wellness, professional development for teachers, and more.

SERF grants fund projects and materials that are not, and would not be expected to be, funded in the regular school budget. SERF grants create opportunities for students to acquire the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to become well-rounded citizens and to develop to the full extent of their potential.

To ensure that each grant complements the curriculum, we require that every grant application be reviewed and approved by the relevant School Principal and the District Superintendent. Read more about the criteria and guidelines SERF uses when considering grant applications.

SERF funds two different kinds of grants:

Application needs to be submitted by the 20th of the month starting September 20th. All grants received by the deadline will be reviewed and voted on at the next month’s board meeting. Any applications received after the 20th of an given month will be held and voted on the following month.

Enrichment grants are intended for larger scale projects exceeding $1500 that require significant amounts of staff time to develop and complete. Projects should focus on curriculum improvement, specialty department or system-wide application. There will only be one enrichment grant cycle for the 2015-2016 school year.

Mini grants are available for short-term projects, staff development activities, or curriculum enhancement totaling $1500 or less.

* Please note that these deadlines are for submission from the Superintendent’s Office. Please refer to your building principal for submission dates for his/her approval, which may be up to a week earlier.

Only grants submitted directly from the Superintendent’s Office will be accepted.

Read more about the granting process and criteria.

Read testimonials from grant recipients.

For any questions, please contact the Grant Administrator.