SERF is dedicated to enriching enhancing and supporting
public education in Sudbury by providing educational grants to our schools.

Inspiring Education .... One Grant At A Time!

Save the date! The 2018 SERF College Fair is on Saturday, March 17 at Lincoln Sudbury High School. Over 100 colleges, universities, and GAP year programs attend this fair each year. In addition, SERF offers seminars throughout the day on topics such as financial aid, admissions testing, the application process and more. This event is free for students/parents and sign ups are not required. Please go to our College Fair page for more information on this fantastic event including: -Which colleges and universities will be attending? -Information on seminars. -Signing up to attend as a college representative. -Becoming a 2018 College Fair sponsor!
Your donations are already hard at work in the classroom! SERF has recently funded over $43,000 in grants supporting education initiatives at all levels, elementary, middle, and high school! See our Grants Awarded section for more information about these exciting new opportunities for Sudbury students!
Stability Balls in Classroom – Stephanie Cohen Mongeon - Noyes This grant funds a classroom set of balance balls to be used as chairs. It has been found that when students sit on a balance ball (stability ball) they are using both sides of their brains. When the brain is being stimulated, they can be more focused on learning and it allows a student to process information, concentrate, discuss and participate in all areas of learning in the classroom. Stability balls have also been found to be incredibly helpful to students with attention challenges.